Work Smarter Online: 6 Steps to Higher Quality

When I was in the rat race, every second counted. If I could complete a job with less work and not sacrifice quality then why on earth would I want to do more than I have to for the same results? Then I realized, the importance of working smarter lies in the constraints in which you must work.

First, you may want more money with less time investment. How can you do more with less?

Second is scope. How can you successfully complete more deliverables?

Third is living a quality life. Life balance is of significance to everyone. It means living to the fullest with work and time for yourself in equal balance.

Given these reasons for completing projects quickly, your next question may be how to work smarter online?

Working smarter means knowing your abilities: Check your abilities in what you are doing and ask yourself, “Am I the best person to do this?” Reflecting on it, there are things that you can do better than others. Likewise, there could be a member on your team who can do it better. In case of a location barrier, it would be an advantage to be working in a system that allows you to communicate promptly with colleagues whom you think may be more suited to do the job. Reassigning tasks according to ability could also be much easier if you have an avenue for discussing specific tasks.

Working smarter means setting boundaries: Make sure to set your own boundary where people cannot barge into your door and ask you to reshuffle your schedule on their behalf because they have something else to do. There is nothing more irritating than having someone hijack your meeting for their personal agenda. Learn to say no and make sure people understand why.

Working smarter means controlling your calendar: Scheduling your activities efficiently helps your team complete more work with a sense of accomplishment. Using software that could help you to gain full control of your project, for example, will help you to succeed. Success in beating deadlines with quality deliverables can be gauged by tracking your time spent on a project, setting deadlines, creating a to-do list, as well as sharing important documents and information with the rest of your team members. You must also be in control of your calendar and understand how it could impact your projects.

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Working smarter means becoming a mentor and a mentee: Learning is continuous and a two way process. Engage new mentors for yourself. Find people who can confidently say, “Been there. Done that!” for the things you want to accomplish. Ask how you have been doing and let them assess your work for further improvement to check gaps that you cannot see for yourself. Meanwhile it is vital as well to have mentees. Share with people what you know and you will be amazed to discover potential team members for specific tasks. You can solicit suggestions while teaching them. This challenges you to communicate efficiently. A system that improves individual and group communication will make your life easier. A real time communication system like Google’s “Chat for Google Drive” feature will give you the advantage of communicating and sharing documents with, and among, all members of your team.

Working smarter means defining processes: It is always great to have processes or systems established – documented, repeatable and measurable processes. Documentation of past projects can be used as a template for similar future projects saving precious time for dealing with more important issues. Here are some of the processes I use when managing projects near Manila Drift Space.

Working smarter means questioning: A good way of reflecting purpose is by asking yourself, “Is this something I need to do anymore?” “Is this the way I need to be doing it?” These are necessary queries since, as things change, we too must update how we do things. Entering data for example through Excel can quicken the job but there are already online systems that can do this for you. Bottom line is, you need to always be searching for alternatives to get things done faster with guaranteed quality.

Whether you’re an employee or self-employed, the only way to earn more money is to successfully produce more high quality deliverables. The 6 steps above will help you to work smarter to achieve your goal of financial freedom, but only if you know how to bring out the best in your team.


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