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WorldStart Articles Written by Cory Buford ($.12/wd)
Date of PublicationExternal Link to Full Article
January 11, 2008Unplugged: Plug and Play
February 29, 2008Help! My Word Document Looks Like An E-mail
May 6, 2008Document Lock Ups
July 11, 2008Help! My Inbox is Full!
July 21, 2008Control That Virus
July 28, 2009Net Guardian 1
August 19, 2008Ejecting a Stuck DVD
August 27, 2009Is Online Education Right for You?
September 1, 2009All About MAC Addresses
October 15, 2009Google Calendar Pt. 1
October 23, 2009Google Calendar Pt. 2
November 16, 2009Net Guardian 2
January 19, 2010Marketing Your Web Site I
February 2, 2010Marketing Your Web Site II
February 10, 2010Marketing Your Web Site III
February 19, 2010Copyright Protection and Plagiarism on the Internet Pt. I
February 24, 2010Copyright Protection and Plagiarism on the Internet Pt. II
March 10, 2010Virtual Real Estate - Buy or Build?
March 18, 2010Cash in the Virtual Attic
March 25, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp
April 5, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 1: Seller
April 21, 2110Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 2: Domain
May 3, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 3: Content
May 7, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 4: Traffic
May 19, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 5: Revenue
June 2, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 6: SEO
June 11, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 7: Price
June 18, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 8: Plan
June 29, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 9: Transaction
July 6, 2010Virtual Real Estate Bootcamp – Part 10: Contract
July 8, 2010When Will They Discontinue Support for Windows XP?
August 11, 2010Burn Pictures to a CD
September 10, 2010Better Pictures with Your Kodak Camera
September 15, 2010USB Gadgets Effect on Laptop Batteries
September 21, 2010Using Documents on iPod Touch
September 24, 2010Enlarge Text on Your Computer Screen
September 27, 2010Zip Files, Briefcases, and Folders
October 1, 2010
Removing McAfee
October, 6, 2010Burning CDs and DVDs
October, 18, 2010Adobe Flash Player
October, 19, 2010Digital Underwater Cameras
October, 26, 2010Comparing Computer Brands
October, 27, 2010Speed Up Your Sluggish Computer
November 10, 2010Memory Sticks and Flash Drives
November 15, 2010Opening .wps Files
November 30, 2010Epson Printer Tricks
December 23, 2010Adjusting the Color on Your Monitor
December 30, 2010Adjusting AutoPlay
January 4, 2011Adjusting the Size of the Taskbar
February 3, 2011Upgrading Dell
February 4, 2011How to Stop Screen Shake
July 11, 2011The Advantages of Owning Your Own Mail Server
April 4, 2013Moving from Eudora to MS Live or Act 2013
June 6, 2013Thunderbird 17 Settings for Win 7
June 11, 2013Evict User Data from Used Computer
July 1, 2013Samsung S3 Picture Options + Bonus
July 16, 2013Migrating Email From Desktop Based Outlook to
July 23, 2013Stopping Secure and Nonsecure Items Pop-up
October 22, 2013Tips and Tricks on How to Open your Backup CD
November 14. 2013Reformat your Computer with Windows 7 Recovery Disk: Is there a Limit in Using the Disk?
December 16, 2013Adobe Flash Not Being Recognized: How to Make Adobe Flash Work after Reinstallation


Linux Foundation Articles Written by Cory Buford ($.15/wd)
PublicationFeature CategoryExternal Link to Full Article
July 23, 2008DistributionsNetwork Security Toolkit Distribution Aids Network Security Administrators
August 13, 2008NetworkingA Hands-On Look at Vyatta Community Edition 4 Networking Software
August 19, 2008ReviewsNew Scalix Open Source Groupware is Competition for Microsoft Exchange
August 27, 2008Mail & MessengingPostPath: Enterprise-Strength Open Source Alternative for Exchange
August 29, 2008Backup & Data RecoveryAutomatic Backup for Sporadically Connected Clients with Box Backup
September 2, 2008DistributionsFinnix: Compact Linux Distribution for System Administrators
September 5, 2008ReviewsControlling Internet Access with SafeSquid
September 10, 2008NetworkingTurn Your Machine Into Enterprise Storage with Openfiler
September 12, 2008SecurityProtecting Your Network with Strata Guard Free
September 15, 2008SecuritySecuring Your Network Premises with Endian
September 17, 2008LinuxA Comparative Look at Compact Sysadmin Distributions
September 19, 2008NetworkingGet Thin Client Benefits for Free with openThinClient
September 23, 2008ReviewsSecuring Your Network with PacketFence
September 26, 2008Devil-LinuxDevil-Linux Distro Bundles Router/Firewall and server in one live CD
October 3, 2008NetworkingProtect Your Network with pfSense Firewall/Router
October 6, 2008Backup & Data RecoveryAreca and plan/b Offer Java-Based Backup for Linux
October 8, 2008NetworkingMonitor Your Network with GroundWork Monitor Community Edition
October 16, 2008LinuxSoL 25.00 Server Distribution has Its Share of Quirks


Work Smarter Online: 6 Steps to Higher Quality

Cory : August 29, 2013 2:35 am : Business, Featured
When I was in the rat race, every second counted. If I could complete a job with less work and not sacrifice quality then why on earth would I want to do more than I have to for the same results? Then I realized, the importance of working smarter lies in the constraints in which more »
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